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Whether you want a one-off exam booster session, or a series of tutorials with a lesson plan to match the UK curriculum, we provide our maths tuition services at the best possible prices to suit each student's situation, age and standard.

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Maths Doctor gives your children the perfect support for their maths studies with individual tuition from highly trained, Mactrac approved tutors. We see every learner as an individual, with their own needs, abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

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Maths Doctor is the UK's award-winning maths tutoring company

Dedicated to boosting grades and helping students to reach their full potential, we provide professional, private tuition services to supplement every stage of education, from primary school to university.

Our one-to-one, UK curriculum-based tutorials start at only £25 per hour and they're delivered anytime and anywhere you like by one of our 500+ experienced, Mactrac-trained tutors. We even offer you a trial lesson, so you can be sure we'll match you with the right Maths tutor to meet your needs.