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About Us

Maths Doctor is an award-winning maths tuition company. We give students the perfect support to help them to improve and excel in maths‏.

At Maths Doctor, we believe that every child should have every right to excel in maths. And we also believe that every leaner is an individual with their own needs, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. And that’s why we are different. We match your child to the perfect tutor for them. Your child will get private, one-to-one maths tuition that is personalised for them.


Simon Walsh - Founder of Maths Doctor

Simon Walsh, Founder

Simon previously worked as an investment banker before re-training as a secondary maths teacher. Having taught in both independent and state schools he decided there had to be a better approach to education than the one-size-fits-all model, and in 2008 he set up Maths Doctor. When not working Simon can be found half a mile off the south coast attached to a surfboard and very large kite.

Rahim Hirji, CEO of Maths Doctor

Rahim Hirji, CEO

Rahim is passionate about helping others enrich their lives through personalised education and self-development. With significant experience in the education, media and technology sectors, he is committed to helping Maths Doctor students achieve their goals with our amazing tutors and services. A self-confessed tech obsessive, Rahim takes real world advice from his wife and two daughters.

Multi-Award Winning

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Maths Doctor is a multiple award-winning maths tuition company, most recently winner of the Education Investor Private Tutoring Company 2014. The award recognises excellence and innovation in the Education sector, celebrating Maths Doctor's outstanding contribution to the industry in the past year.


Huffington post

"It sparked inspiration and offered an aspirational relationship to the subject she didn't have elsewhere."


"It was being able to hand pick the style, age and gender of her teacher that led to the biggest benefits for my daughter"

Mums Net

"Maths Doctor is really beneficial to people like me who would like to give their children more opportunities to develop their abilities"

Good Schools

"It is a well-thought-out system which is responsive, child-led and straightforward to use"


"Our daughter has got a renewed passion and rigour for maths"


DBS Checked

As a responsible business working with children, we're rigorous about providing a safe educational environment. That’s why all of our tutors are fully DBS checked and receive training according to Local Safeguarding Children Board procedures and Department of Education guidelines. Each client is issued with our Child Protection Officer’s details prior to tuition, but if you have any concerns about your child’s safety, don’t hesitate to contact the helpdesk on the number below.


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