How we find the perfect Maths Tutor

Consider how much better a learner could progress if they worked with a tutor who had precisely the right academic and personal characteristics to bring out the best in them.

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How we tailor our tuition for you

  • We ascertain your child’s confidence levels and ability, and ensure we find a maths tutor who can boost their confidence and get results.
  • We find out if your child would benefit from the enthusiasm of a recent graduate or the experience of a QTS trained tutor and ensure they are matched accordingly.
  • Once we have matched your child with their perfect tutor we arrange the initial lesson. You are then able to book lessons around your schedule.
Step 1. Sign Up for your FREE Assessment

We find out how your child is progressing with maths, and about them as a person.

Step 2. Discuss your learning objectives

What do you and your child want to achieve? We write you a free, detailed lesson plan.

Step 3. We find your perfect tutor

Every one of our tutors has passed DBS checks and have been through rigorous training.

Step 4. One-to-one tuition

Your child benefits from our tutor’s full attention.

Step 5. Learn and achieve your maths objectives

Learn when and where you want so every student progresses to the agreed schedule.

Maths Doctor gives your children the perfect support for their maths studies with individual tuition from highly trained CRB/DBS checked tutors.

We see every learner as an individual, with their own needs, abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

What We Offer


Free ability test

Free, detailed lesson plan

The perfect tutor, matched for ability, personality and experience

One-to-one personalised tuition

Times to suit you

How do I get started?

All you need to do is fill out one of our free assessment forms or call us on 0845 286 7770 and one of our learning advisors will access your child’s learning needs and arrange their first tutorial.

Do I get the same tutor every time?

We are very flexible with your child’s tutors. If you’re child builds a good learning relationship with their educator, we encourage them to see the same tutor for each lesson. Equally if there is any issue, or you think your child would be better suited to a different tutor, we will quickly arrange an alternative

How much does is cost?

Our subscription packages vary depending on how many lessons you have. The more you have, the cheaper they become. Our most popular subscription package provides 6 lessons per month at £24 per lesson.

Have your tutors had DBS (formerly known as CRB) checks?

All of our tutors are fully DBS checked.

How far in advance can I book lessons?

You can book your lessons up to 9 weeks in advance. Alternatively, for a more ad hoc lesson, you can book up to 30 hours before your desired time slot.

Do you have a specific program that you follow or is it tailor made?

Our tutors will provide a tailor made learning package that may include homework or adhere to a specific syllabus depending on the learning goals of your child.