5 benefits of online tuition

By Maths Doctor Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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Live online tuition is a great alternative to traditional, face to face, tuition and in our experience the preferred method of learning for many students.

Online tuition works exactly the same as traditional face-to-face tuition but it is conducted over an interactive whiteboard with the optional use of a webcam. Students benefit from the motivation and empathy of a human tutor, but can also conduct their learning within an engaging online classroom where they can upload and share a range of resources. So what makes online tuition such a great alternative? Here are five reasons we think online tuition is great.

1. Get the right tutor for you, not the nearest tutor

Why should you settle for a local tutor who may or may not be the right one for you? Finding a traditional face-to-face maths tutor is a bit of a postcode lottery and can be especially difficult if you live in a rural area or small town. With online tuition you can find the best tutor to complement your learning style and help you achieve your goals, no matter where you are based.

2. No need for you to waste time travelling

Travelling to and from a private tutor and fitting in lessons around other extra curricular activates can be difficult to cram in. With online tutoring the student will get all the tuition they need from the comfort of their home. Plus if something comes up, you can rearrange lessons around your schedule.

3. Students can attend lessons from anywhere with an internet connection

Perhaps your children live in between each parent’s house or in between the family home and boarding school, with an online tutor you can stick with the same tutor all year round no matter where the student is - all you need is your computer.

4. You can revisit a lesson at any time

Because we record every online tuition session, once the lesson is complete, the students can still go over the material as if the tutor were still there by playing back the recording of the lesson. Not only is this extremely useful when revising or refreshing a topic, its also the most efficient use of tutor time. So rather that covering the same maths topic again in another paid lesson, you can use your tutor for things you haven't covered yet.

5. Online tuition is interactive and engaging

Students are now very au fait with the familiar online environment, one that is often associated with fun activities. We often find this leads to more engagement with the subject than found in a traditional classroom, reigniting an interest in maths. Plus, although online tutoring is the subject of lagging academic research, two studies reported significantly higher learning gains, better attitudes about help seeking and more frequent help seeking by students.