Educational apps - our pick of the best for 2014

By Hannah McDowell Monday, February 10, 2014

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Technology is now very much at the heart of educational innovation and currently there are a multitude of educational apps on offer that can enhance your child’s education. We’ve compiled a list of the best free apps, so you can make wise decisions to supplement your child’s education in engaging and novel ways.

1. AniWorld Lite

This app is aimed at kids between the ages of 1 and 5. It helps children learn the names of animals whilst allowing them to feed and stroke them. Simple, yet effective, this app will prove very entertaining for many young learners.

2. Homework Planner

This handy app will help secondary school learners prioritise their time and work by scheduling their homework and lessons in a purpose built calendar. Users can set aside time for exam revision, free periods at school and set reminders for deadlines. Again, this is a simple concept but could help your child stay organised.

3. GoReact

This explosive, science-based app is made by the Museum of Science and Industry. Learners are able to create virtual scientific reactions to increase their understanding of Chemistry.

4. Codecademy: Hour of Code

This extremely nifty app teaches the user the basics behind coding, providing easy examples and fun exercises to try on the move so your child can be a coding genius in no time!

5. Maths Doctor Mental Maths

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And of course, our favourite has to be the Maths Doctor Mental Maths app Our app allows users to brush up on their mental maths ability on the go. From straight line equations to times tables, our app will ensure your child is on top of their game in the classroom and beyond!