EDUKWEST - The Event

By Morwenna Evans Thursday, January 23, 2014

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In partnership with Macmillan Digital Education, EDUKWEST held an event at Macmillan’s London campus to discuss the rapid technological developments and digital opportunities in today’s UK tuition market.

Tutoring, online and offline, is a thriving market both in the UK and worldwide. During the event Kirsten Winkler, founder of EDUKWEST, and her guest speakers explored this exciting vertical by sharing the latest research, best practices and discussing how to transition tutoring into the digital age.

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After an introduction from Macmillan CEO Annette Thomas, an interview between Daniel Cohen, freelance journalist and researcher, and Conor Ryan took place, during which Conor Ryan shared some fascinating results from research conducted by the Sutton Trust. He highlighted the successfulness of peer-to-peer tuition and the benefits of this form of tutoring.

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Following questions from the audience, Maths Doctor and Mactrac founder Simon Walsh and Maths Doctor CEO Rahim Hirji formed part of a panel of education entrepreneurs who discussed the opportunities and challenges facing in the edtech industry. Other panelists included Edd Stockwell from Tutorfair, Mikael Dia from Lingos and Woody Webster from TutorCruncher. The discussions sparked an extremely lively debate amongst both the panelists and audience members as the differences between traditional face-to-face tutoring methods and online offerings were hotly debated.

Commenting on the increasingly significant presence of technology and digital innovation in the tutoring market, Simon Walsh commented that:

“Tutoring is all about creating a bespoke experience for the child and an online tutor platform presents a great opportunity for achieving this.”

Kirsten Winkler moderated the panelist discussion before using case studies to highlight the winners and losers of the tutoring industry and Matthias Ick closed the event.

Closing comments referred to the view that the future of tutoring lies in personalisation and the intelligent use of data – as well as looking for new ways to use technology to improve personalised learning outcomes. The need for tutoring companies to prove their efficacy was also discussed; something Macmillan Digital Education will be focusing heavily on in the coming year.

Check out the #tutoruk twitter hashtag to see live tweets from the event and interesting comments from audience members.