Guest Blog - Why Mathematics Matters

Guest post by Aldo de Pape of AsWeGrow. Aldo explains why mathematics matters here in the UK and how we can share information worldwide.

AsWeGrow is very happy to announce its partnership with the online mathematics tutoring company Maths Doctor.

A recent article in The Economist speaks about the role of mathematics in today’s society - why it is important and why we should invest in giving everyone a basic understanding of numbers and geometry.

Mathematics matters. It helps us to understand growth and all it entails.

The article continues by taking a close look at the many technologies we have adopted to enable us to better teach and understand mathematics. Even though opinions vary on the quality of the medium through which it is taught, there is no question about the enormous value that learning the basics of mathematics can bring.

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A concrete example of how mathematics can make a significant difference to peoples’ lives is shown by the story of Angelina Osuagwu, a Nigerian nun, based in the UK.

Having spent a number of years at the Mercy Nursery in Leeds, it is now Angelina’s wish to return to her home country. She would like to become a teacher and educate the children at the primary school in her hometown.

For Angelina to become an even better educator she needs to brush up on her basic mathematics skills, which is why she applied through AsWeGrow to the online tutoring company Maths Doctor to get help with obtaining her GCSE in this field.

Through its new online learning initiative for teachers, AsWeGrow is very happy to be working together with Maths Doctor with the aim of further developing the skills of teachers such as Angelina.

Even though Maths Doctor primarily focuses on tutoring students aged 7-18, we are very happy that the team is willing to help us in our mission to train up as many teachers as possible.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the team at AsWeGrow. Helping educators to educate around the world is a more than worthwhile cause and one that marries with our beliefs at Maths Doctor. By helping educators globally we help in creating a cascade of education that wouldn't have otherwise existed. That's extremely powerful on many levels.” Rahim Hirji, Maths Doctor CEO.

After having worked with teachers for over a decade we know that there are many more teachers out there just like Angelina who need our support. We are very happy that we are able to count on the support of Maths Doctor so that together we can make sure Angelina, and others like her, become even better educators.

What are your thoughts? How important is mathematics to you?

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By Hannah McDowell Thursday, February 20, 2014