Maths Doctor Featured in Nesta’s Decoding Learning Report

By Stephanie Paterson Friday, December 7, 2012

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Maths Doctor has recently been featured in Nesta’s Decoding Learning Report on Digital Education, which was produced by the Institute of Education.

The report analyses the use of technology in the UK education system and how this impacts learning. The report explores the idea of learning from experts and refers to Benjamin Bloom’s seminal paper The Two Sigma Problem which identifies one-to-one tutoring as the most effective method of learning. In the chapter ‘Learning from Experts’ it suggests that technological innovations can support the dialogue between teachers and learners and presents Maths Doctor’s online tutoring as an example of this.

“Maths Doctor exemplified how technology can support communication between teachers and learners over a distance. Based in Brighton, UK, this online one–to–one tuition service connects highly qualified teachers with learners through video conferencing software (such as Skype) and tablet devices. Tutors can remotely help their secondary students tackle maths problems in conversation while simultaneously writing and attempting equations on screen. These sessions are also recorded so that students can also go back and review the dialogue afterwards.”

The report concludes that different technologies can improve attainment when used to augment and connect proven learning practices. It also concludes that there is ‘potential’ and ‘promise’ in the use of technology in education through innovative teaching practice and it’s application to different learning themes.

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