Maths Mastery in 2015

By Maths Doctor Monday, January 12, 2015

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Welcome back to a New Term - and a very happy new year to you all!

The Spring Term is in full swing and this is the time that many parents look at where their child is in relation to their capability and aspirations. For those who are in exam years, this is time to plan the approach and run in to the Summer. The first long Autumn term has whizzed by and with the Christmas break now behind us, many families understand how important this critical period is and look, in earnest, to bring a new focus to the new year.

Over the recent break I re-read two of my favourite books of recent years, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and Mastery by Robert Greene. (My new year's resolution was to read more!) The former repeatedly talks about how you can achieve success with 10,000 hours of practice in any field. This 10,000 hour rule implies that with lots of practice you can becomes a master in any field. That's equivalent to 20 hours a week for 10 years. Mastery's main message is to emulate the living masters that Greene interviewed - by observing the methods and being an apprentice to such methods, thus achieving amazing things.

For a parent planning for their child's exams, we neither have 10,000 hours nor do we have the chance to be an apprentice to figure out the right methods. However, with a few months to go there is still the chance to cater to the right methods of learning and practicing - to achieve a level of mastery and success. The good news is that there are proven paths to achieving learning and thus success in exams by using the right methods and by practicing and learning in the right way. A step change is possible in the short to medium term. That said, the further we get into the year, the less chance there is for step change improvement. Many will make a natural grade improvement over the coming months from attending classes, being diligent and practicing.

If an intervention is required, now is the time to look at alternate options to supplement the generic group learning from school. At Maths Doctor, we receive lots of enquiries in the first half of the Spring Term - and so, if you are considering maths tuition to help your child, now is the time to consider your options. Our unique form of online maths tuition helped us receive our award for best private tuition company of the year in 2014 - and we are sure we can help with any intervention to help achieve the grades in maths that we all know is possible, whatever your level.

Mastery is a broad term in any context - and as many students return to the routine of school, we hope that you can achieve the logical steps in not only maths mastery but also in the many other subjects that require a different type of focus.

Whatever you mastery method for 2015, we, at Maths Doctor, wish you all the success in achieving that mastery!