My success story by A Level student Rebecca.

By Stephanie Paterson Sunday, March 11, 2012

“I started maths tuition because I was getting Cs in my maths exams, when I needed a B grade for university. After a month or two of tuition I resat my AS maths exam and shot up to an A! I also came top of the class for C3 (the hardest A-Level maths module). Now in class I’m always ahead-asking for further work to do. My maths tutor Shehla is amazing, as she explains everything to me in great detail, is very patient when I don’t understand and answers any questions I have. Having a maths tutor is certainly one of the best decisions I could’ve made for my A-Level. Rebecca”

Shehla is one of Maths Doctor’s highly experienced live online tutors. You can request to work with Shehla regardless of where you live as the lessons are delivered face to face over the internet. If you are interested, Shehla provides a free lesson or two for students that want to try out this service.