Super Tutors?

The 'super tutor’ is fast becoming a common phrase in the tutoring industry as more and more extremely wealthy parents solicit the one-to-one attention of a small niche of educators. For those unfamiliar with the term - it refers to an extremely expensive breed of tutor, known to charge up to £1500 per hour for exam preparation. The clientele of this new breed of tutor consists movie stars, sportspeople and oligarchs, whilst the tutors themselves are often young graduates who are jetted off to all corners of the globe in order to ensure students are prepped for their exams or able to get into a particular university.

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Acquiring and retaining one of these so called super tutors can be a viscous business with each school holiday resulting in aggressive bidding wars to secure a few hours of these tutors’ time.

But does spending £1500 for one hour of tuition really mean that your child will achieve their learning goals? The exceptional cost of this niche of ‘super tutors’ does not necessarily ensure superlative tuition. Not to mention the fact that the hourly rate of £1500 cannot guarantee the learner’s mood or concentration.

Attention to individual learning needs and matching these to the pedagogy and teaching style of a tutor is fundamental to our tutor-matching process at Maths Doctor. Our tailored tuition and attention to the individual learning needs mean that we boast the real ‘super tutors’. For more information about affordable award-winning tuition for all academic levels, visit our home page.

By Morwenna Evans Thursday, February 6, 2014