The classroom of the future

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Maths Doctor is following BBC Radio 4’s series of programmes discussing the evolving face of the classroom in the US and how this change could affect the learning landscape in the UK.

Technology is becoming an ever more present feature in the classroom, and as the programme ‘My teacher is an App’ showed, this presence is having decisive results. The programme cited a school in a deprived area of San Francisco that encourages its students to spend up to one quarter of their day on a tablet. The children do not have to sit at their desks to use the device, but instead can lie down and learn in a relaxed atmosphere.

The introduction of technology in this school has seen results soar, and the grades of their students now rival those of exclusive schools in the most affluent areas of California.

A major proponent of technology in the classroom is Salman Khan, founder of the Khan academy. He believes that ‘we are losing some of our most creative minds’ because of an anarchic educational system. Similar criticisms have been wavered at the English education system, particularly as Michael Gove’s controversial and more traditional approaches to learning have been introduced.

The main benefit described by both teachers and learners in the US is the focus on one-to-one learning afforded by technological supplements. Teachers are able to tackle learners knowledge gaps straight away, while students progress far quicker than they thought possible whilst re-establishing a passion for learning.

At Maths Doctor, we place personalisation and tailored learning at the heart of our approach to education. This dedication to the individual is key to improving learning outcomes and allows us to help the learner frequently surpass their and their parents’ own expectations.

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By Morwenna Evans Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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