9Final Recommendations

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If you suspect that your child is accessing inappropriate content online, or that they may be talking to someone suspicious or potentially dangerous, then there are several steps you can take. First and foremost, you should talk with your child and discuss the types of websites which they visit and the people whom they talk to on these sites. This enables you to investigate these websites for yourself and determine whether they are acceptable for your child to visit.

You should also ask your child what they would do if they encountered any problems whilst they were online. Discussing the various options available to your child, such as showing them how to block or report online issues, will enable them to protect themselves.

You should also teach your children to tell you that if they view any content which they are unsure about, or if they are contacted by someone whom they do not know. Maintaining this regular and focused level of communication with regards to your child's Internet activity enables you to help them discover the Internet in a safe and responsible manner.