Why Maths Doctor?

9 out of 10 Maths Doctor students reach their target grade or higher

Our Mission & Values

At Maths Doctor, we believe that every child should have every right to excel in maths. And we also believe that every leaner is an individual with their own needs, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. And that’s why we are different. We match your child to the perfect tutor for them. Your child will get private, one-to-one maths tuition that is personalised for them.

“It is a well-thought-out system which is responsive, child-led and straightforward to use”
The Good Schools Guide

“It sparked inspiration and offered an aspirational relationship to the subject she didn’t have elsewhere.”
The Huffington Post

“It was being able to hand pick the style, age and gender of her teacher that led to the biggest benefits for my daughter”

“Maths Doctor is really beneficial to people like me who would like to give their children more opportunities to develop their abilities”

“Our daughter has got a renewed passion and rigour for maths”