Student Reviews


    I love working with my tutor. She’s really enthusiastic and interested in me and my learning. I really like the fact that she works at my pace and it’s not how it would be in an everyday classroom. It’s not working at a load of other peoples’ pace. It’s very personal.”

    Katie ~ AS Level student

    On exam day, I felt a lot more confident, even more confident than I had felt during my mocks. The tutor also taught me how to deal with the pressure.

    Abby ~ GCSE student
  •  The tutor helped me deal with exam pressure

    It’s been really beneficial for Sophia to have one-to-one tuition because she just can’t get this kind of attention at school. It’s being able to go through individual questions and problems that has really helped Sophia and I’ve noticed such a huge increase in her confidence.

    Jane ~ Mother of Sophia (A Level student)

    The tuition has worked out really well for me. I've gone from an E to an A and now my younger brother is using Maths Doctor.

    Ajay ~ GCSE student
  •  I've gone from an E to an A

    Back when we first started with Maths Doctor, I spoke to one of their learning advisors and they asked me some questions about James - about his personality and ability - and they matched us up with a tutor that suited his needs. He’s got a fantastic relationship with his tutor. They get on really well and work really well together.


    My interest in maths has been reawakened and my confidence has improved. What I thought was difficult has now become very simple and a logical process.

    Tom ~ AS Level student
  •  It made maths simple

    Maths Doctor has been ideal for my son, he gets on really well with his tutor and now has the confidence to support other students in his new, higher grade maths class.

    Mary, mother of Ben ~ Year 9
  •  He can now help other students

    The tutor explained and explained and wrote out examples and it just suddenly clicked with my son. I could see the light bulb come on.

    Julia, mother of Harry ~ Year 8
  •  Maths just clicked for him

    Since having my tutor, I have gone up a set in school and have actually become top in my new class.

    Asif ~ Year 9
  •  I've gone up a maths set

    I am now consistently achieving above my target grade and I’m extremely confident about my forthcoming exams.

    Guy ~ A Level student
  •  I'm now achieving above my target grade