Maths Doctor Schools Programme

Enquire here or contact Iris directly via email on or alternatively call 020 3476 4853.

How would you like to raise the attainment levels of even your most challenging students?

Maths Doctor is the UK’s leading maths tuition provider, delivering over 35,000 lessons since 2013, through its award-winning one-to-one online tutoring service.

Following our success and experience with private tuition we are proud to introduce our new Schools Programme, a tailored accelerated learning solution that works with pupil premium and catch-up premium grants to pair each student with the most suitable tutor to ensure high engagement and results, allowing teachers to meet the learning requirements of every student in the classroom.

Why chose Maths Doctor?

Credibility: We’ve delivered over 35,000 lessons since 2013.

Satisfaction: Students give our service an average rating of 4.8/5.

Results-guaranteed: 90% of students achieved their target grade or higher.

Social-offering: Our packages are for two students split across a high-flyer wanting to do better and a borderline student who needs to up their game. The strongest AND the weakest both benefit.

Our solution:

Maths Doctor is a live online, one-to-one tutoring service, pairing students with trained tutors via an interactive classroom complete with resources and writing tools.

ONLINE TUITION - Our Tutors are available from 7am to 11pm. - Our service can be used inside & outside the classroom. - We're not limited by geography, we can offer the best tutors from across the UK.

RECORDED LESSONS - Cost-effective revision tool for students. - Peace of mind for parents. - Teachers can track progress.

LEARNING ASSESSMENTS - Baseline assessment (we suggest GL Assessments). - Direct contact between teacher & tutor. - Track student progress and simple reporting for stakeholders.

Quality assured tuition

  1. Rigorous recruitment process with training and regular lesson monitoring.
  2. All tutors are UK based maths graduates, are DBS checked and teach the UK curriculum.
  3. Personalised teaching ensures that every student reaches their full potential.

Helping your strongest and your weakest

Assessment provides evidence to stakeholders that the funds are being used to effectively improve pupil outcomes, giving you the opportunity to use Pupil Premium & Catch-Up Grants.

  1. We can assist your strongest by helping them achieve an A*.
  2. We can help with new curriculum topics introduced this year.
  3. We can move your borderline students to a C grade or higher.
  4. We work with those who are disruptive and tutors experienced in special needs education.
  5. We get those behind in YR7 back at the level they need to be.

The Maths Doctor Schools Programme

All levels catered for with performance tracking.

Cost-effective solution, priced at £12.90 per one-2-one lesson.

For £5000 we could teach 32 of your students on a one-2-one basis for 12 lessons each.

Additional lessons, headsets and writing pads available.

Get in contact:

If you’d like more information about Math Doctor’s School Programme or to find out how we can work alongside your school either enquire here or contact Iris directly via email on or alternatively call 020 3476 4853.